Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Good Comments

I think my comment is good because it is positive and makes sense. I think my comment is a nice comment because there are no bad words but only helpful and positive comments.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Commonwealth Games

My prior knowledge of the Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games  happen every four years. A lot of other countries compete in the Commonwealth Games. In the Commonwealth Games there are lots of different sports being played. When people win they get a medal. Gold is for first , Silver is for second and Bronze is for third.

My New Knowledge of the Commonwealth Games

The opening ceremony is on the 24 July at Celtic Park. The closing ceremony is on the 4 August at Hampden Park . The Commonwealth Games are held in Glasgow in Scotland , United Kingdom. There are 71 nations that are going to be there  from Anguilla to Zambia. Seventeen different sports will take part with 261 events in total.

The very  first Commonwealth Games happened in 1930. New Zealand won 565 medals in the last Commonwealth Games. New Zealand has failed in eight sports to win a gold medal. Those sports are called badminton, hockey, triathlon, basketball, water polo, diving, synchronised swimming and cricket. Only six countries  have been to all of the Commonwealth Games. Those countries are Canada, Australia, England, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales.  

My prior knowledge was minimally less than my present knowledge but I know I can do better next time. I have gained knowledge and I will write about it in the next Commonwealth Games. I have learnt more now so I   can  try and  keep it stored in my head for next time we learn about this subject. I think I could have done more for my research. I enjoyed learning  and researching about this subject.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Hangarau Technology

When I go to Tamaki College,I learn in Digital technologies.
The Maori word for technology is Hangarau.
I have to use the Kiore and  the Papa Patuhi to log into the Rorohiko.
At school I use a Rorohiko ponaho.
We use the Ipurangi to log into the Pae tukutuku for Digital technologies
We have to check the Maramataka to see what our tasks are for the day.
Sometimes our teacher sends us messages on Imera.
Sometimes our teacher uses her Waea pukoro to give us dojo points or to take photos of us.

I have learnt the following words
Rorohiko ponaho-laptop,netbook
Waea pukoro-cellphone
Papa Patuhi-Keyboard
Pae tuku tuku-website

Monday, 9 June 2014

Why do people use land transport?

Why is land transport important? I believe land transport is important because if there is an accident you could go there faster than walking.

People use land transport to go to  far places. They can drive or in other words transport themselves over long distances. We use transport to reach anywhere. Transport is important to people because they need to drive to their jobs and to their house if it is far away.

People need land transport to go to a place if something is wrong with a family member or a friend of yours. We need transport to go somewhere if someone might be in the hospital due to an accident.

Cars are useful for shopping, a fun day out and for visiting family and friends. Cars are also useful for putting in  some of your luggage if you move out of your flat or house.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

How To Resize Image

Resizing Images

It is important to resize images properly because...
The image will look better when you resize it it looks like a proper image to look at.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My Personalities

Hello my name is Queenie I am 12 years of age. My favorite subjects at school are reading, writing, art, P.E and music. My hobbies are cooking and going on to  the internet. I use to have a pet. I had a cat named Garfield but someone took him. I like baking, sports and going shopping for fashion.  My favorite singer is Beyonce. My favorite dancers are Chachi Gonzales and Ian Eastwood.One of my goals  are to focus on my learning in all subjects.  My strengths are writing and spelling. My favorite sport teams are All Blacks, Blues, The Lakers and more. My favorite foods are butter chicken, macaroni and cheese, KFC and Carl’s Jr.